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Tax Help

Tax Prep Assistance at The HUB

Free tax services will be returning at The HUB are for Foster Youth, ages 15-24, only.
Appointment required, call to schedule - (408) 792-1750


The HUB runs a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program designed to assist current and former foster youth with income tax preparation. Our VITA program assists youth to take advantage of California’s “Foster Youth Tax Credit” for which up to $1,117 can be claimed during the 2024 tax season. Any youth who has been, or was in care, on or after age 13 and is now between 15-25 years of age, and earned at least $1 but less than $30,000 in 2023 can receive this credit upon filing their state taxes. VITA program staff screen for this and other tax credits, regardless of income situation.

The program’s volunteer staff receive Internal Revenue Services required training, along with tax preparer certification to assist with basic and advanced tax preparation. Please call The Hub at 408-792-1750 for more information, or text the VITA dedicated text line at 408-780-4759 with your questions. Please check again in November 2023 to sign-up for tax filing assistance via our on-line link.

Interested in becoming a VITA certified tax preparer for our program? Please provide us with your contact information on our prospective volunteer sign-up form. We’ll reach out to provide you with additional information or contact us at 408-792-1750.

Are you an eligible youth interested in completing your tax return through The Hub’s Tax Services program? Sign-up here.

Additional Resources:

California’s Franchise Tax Board “Foster Youth Tax Credit” information: Foster Youth Tax Credit |

JBAY’s tax preparation checklist: Tax Prep Checklist for Transition Age Youth in California | JBAY

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