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Independent Living Program (ILP) Services

The Department of Family and Children's Services currently has a contract with the Bill Wilson Center (BWC) to provide ILP case management services including overseeing day-to-day operations of the Hub. BWC coordinates The Hub services to ensure that a wealth of community resources are made available to foster youth to support their transition into becoming adults.

Access to Free Resources

  • Computer/Printer: The Hub has multiple computers to use for job searching, homework, college applications, and social media.
  • HubMart: The HubMart is stocked with a collection of interview clothes, backpacks, school supplies and hygiene products.
  • Shower/Laundry: Youth have access to a fully stocked shower and washer/dryer.

ILP Wellness

Bill Wilson Center Wellness team provides mental health support including confidential counseling, LGBTQ support and information, and psychiatric services to youth.

Parent & Kid Socials

Parent & Kid Socials are offered through a partnership with First 5 Santa Clara County, Santa Clara Public Health, and Legal Advocates for Children & Youth (LACY). Youth explore a variety of parent education topics, learn about community resources, and socialize with other young parents.


The Hub offers a variety of internships, workshops, and trainings to assist youth in securing and maintaining employment. Resources include the Career Development Unit and Work2Future.


You can obtain a High School Diploma at The Hub with the Opportunity Youth Academy (OYA).

Legal Advice

Legal Advocates for Children & Youth (LACY) provides free confidential legal advice, consultation, and resources to youth. In addition, LACY can run a credit check for youth and assist with any follow up.


The Hub frequently hosts events to celebrate achievements, foster connections, create a sense of belonging, and a welcoming atmosphere. Events include holiday parties, birthday celebrations, movie nights, game nights, BBQs, outings, workshops and more!

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