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Bill Wilson Center - Drop-In Center


BWC's Drop-In Center serves homeless youth ages 13 – 25 to get into safe and permanent housing. Services at the Drop-In Center include food, clothing, personal care items, lockers, and phone, computers, and email access; showers and washer and dryer facilities are also available free of charge. Support services are also provided at the Drop-In Center, including housing referrals, mental health services, job readiness training, education support, individual counseling, HIV testing and education, parenting and independent living skills workshops, and computer training.

Career Development Unit

The Career Development Unit (CDU) supports Hub eligible young adults ages 15-24 with job prep, job search, and getting on a career path. Employment Counselors with experience and expertise in the areas of job coaching and career planning can provide participants with services such as assistance with job leads, help with completing applications, preparing resumes, interview practice, and internship opportunities. CDU also provides mentorship and guidance, continuing to support participants once they are involved in training or on the job. Additionally, CDU leads the Intern and Earn program, noted in the FAQ.

Health Van - Santa Clara Valley Medical Center


The Valley Teen (Health) Van offers confidential reproductive health services, including birth control, family planning, pregnancy testing, testing and treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, health maintenance and preventive care, vision and hearing testing, immunizations, health education, mental health counseling, substance use counseling, and PrEP and PEP (the medicines that prevent HIV).

Housing & Post-Secondary Education Support - Santa Clara County


Provides assistance with THP Plus applications, referrals and information on housing resources and programs, Uplift bus passes, and dependency verification letters.


Dana Koga - THP Plus applications, referrals and information on housing resources and programs, Uplift bus passes, dependency verification letters

Legal Advocates for Children and Youth


Legal Advocates for Children & Youth (LACY) provides free and confidential legal assistance to children and youth in juvenile dependency, family law, probate guardianship, education matters and numerous other practice areas.  For our HUB project, we work with current and former foster youth up to age 25 on a variety of issues, including cases involving parent custody, visitation, restraining orders, name and gender changes, identity theft, etc.  Please call our intake line with any legal issue and we will do our best to help or provide a referral.



Pivotal is a nonprofit that provides academic and career support to current and former foster youth in Santa Clara and San Mateo County. Services include 1 on 1 coaching, college scholarships, and enrichment events. Youth are eligible for services if they have been in foster care for 1 day after their 13th birthday.

Avery Chamberlain - Intake and Data Specialist

Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Mar Monte invests in communities by providing health care and education, and by expanding rights and access for all.

Q Corner


The Q Corner is a peer-driven LGBTQ+ program of the Behavioral Health Services Department within Santa Clara County. Our program includes a community space with drop-in hours, peer support and linkage to local affirming resources, as well as internally supporting affirming processes and procedures for folks of all genders, presentations, and sexual orientations, while also providing training to service providers. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information, and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with support group offerings and community events! @theqcorner  /

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley


The Second Harvest toll-free hotline helps people in need find food, such as a pantry or a hot meal in their neighborhood. Multilingual staff members direct callers to local food assistance programs in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Callers can also find out if they qualify for CalFresh and where they can apply. Second Harvest is open Monday-Friday 8 - 5 p.m.

Seven Challenges


The Seven Challenges is a comprehensive counseling program that incorporates work on alcohol and other drug problems. The program, which includes adult and adolescent versions, provides structure for groups and a framework for individual sessions, but is flexible to respond to the immediate needs of the client (is not pre-scripted). Using an approach called “Mastery Counseling,” clients learn to identify specific issues and work on them with the guidance of a counselor, who challenge and encourage them to make thoughtful decisions.

Yasmin Wright - Substance Abuse Counselor

Wellness Program (Bill Wilson Center)


The Bill Wilson Center Wellness team provides mental health services including individual counseling, skills development, case management, assessment, treatment planning, and crisis support.  They also have opportunities to participate in groups and activities that help clients to meet their personal goals and connect with others.  For referral, please talk to your case manager or call our Transition Age Youth (TAY) hotline.

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